my name is amanda & this is my tumblr.

i like dressing up, even when there's no occasion.
i like strawberries dipped in chocolate, especially when i'm sad.
i like old-fashioned things that hold a piece of history.
i like waking up to the smell of pancakes or waffles.
i like lying under the stars connecting the dots, and
dancing in the rain in bare feet.
i like trinkets and treasures, and i collect waay too many of them.
i like exploring nature and
trying new things no matter how much they scare me.
i like learning about the people i love,
and capturing moments that make me smile.
i like coming home and passing out after a long day,
or rocking out to the worst songs ever.
i like walking down the street on those days i know i look good.
i like pink and blue and purple!
i like being a girl and having the right to be feminine.
i like expressing what special people mean to me, making them smile, or sometimes cry.
i like fantasizing about what life would be like living in a different time.
i like testing my limits and
being proud of myself for being brave.
i like to think about my future.
i like floral patterns, and light airy clothing.
and i love being loved.
these are all simple things, but they're beautiful and somehow, they make me happy.

So this is my Tumblr. It has no special order, and there isn't a specific theme. The photos for the most part aren't mine, they are borrowed. This is just a place for me to enter my own dream world, and if you wish to visit as well, you are welcome to stay as long as you'd like :)